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Are you dying to get the girl?Well this is how

the girl

It is always sad and a bit funny to see the coolest guy on the block not able to win the girl he really admires, anyway guys this is the end of it, read these tips very well it will lead you into her heart

Tip 1. Don’t come on too strong early. Let the relationship develop at its own pace. Coming on too strong early will almost certainly creep her out. Gradually get stronger feelings for her as you go on with the relationship together.

2. Be brave. Most girls like people with confidence, not an ego not an ego I repeat. Just walk up to her and start a simple conversation. She’ll get the hint that you are interested in her. Start with a simple conversation starter like

  • “That’s a really nice dress. Where is it from?”
  • “I’m sorry, I’m new here. Can you tell me where the library is?”
  • “Hi, my name is [your name]. You look like you’re interesting to talk to. Do you mind if I steal a couple minutes of your time?”
  • Don’t go bragging about who your parents are, just keep it simple, please


  • 3. Have good hygiene. Women take pride in smelling clean and looking kempt! That means if a man has good hygiene, it works really well for her. The opposite, bad hygiene, is usually an immediate deal-breaker. Believe it or not, fresh, clean-smelling clothes is a really good thing. And, a fresh-smelling body is a must-have. Here are three things that you can do right now to improve your hygiene:
    • Rain or shine, sweat or not, shower daily. If you can afford it, it’s better to be too-clean than not clean enough. Take pride in how clean you are and in smelling nice. Especially if you play sports, this step is a must.
    • Use deodorant or lime please not cologne. A lot of guys think they can “mask” the scent of their natural body odor with cologne. Instead, the BO and cologne just mixes together to create a very bad odor. Girls would rather not smell you at all than smell this cologne-creation. If you must spray on cologne, spray it on very lightly.
    • We beg deal with your oral health please, we want to look at how your lips moves when you are talking, blowing us ‘fuss’ isnt cool

    4. Be sincere. Compliments, flirting, teasing, carefulness — none of it matters unless you truly do care. When you do decide to compliment her, take time to reflect on what you like about her, summon up the courage to tell her, and be sincere. Stop memorizing the same line Kojo used to get Adjoa be real and authentic.

    • It’s okay to disagree with her, as long as you don’t threaten her, you respect her opinion, and you offer good reasons about why you believe differently. Who knows? She might even respect you more for speaking your mind, because it shows how much of an individual you are.
  • Prove that you really like her. Show that you’re not simply crushing or lusting for her. Ask her about herself, talk to her. Don’t just move in for the kiss. Listen to her and look her in the eye.
    1. Compliment her. Complimenting a girl is tough: every person wants to feel good about themselves, but the right compliment is really hard to come by. Not only that, a little complimenting goes a long way. Pay attention to these guidelines when you’re ready to start showing you like her more than just a friend:

      • Reinforce how she views herself. If she thinks of herself as an athlete, reinforce her competitive spirit or athletic skills. If she thinks of herself as a thinker, praise her smarts. Whatever she thinks of herself as, compliment that aspect of her the most.
      • Stick with safe compliments about her personality. Don’t compliment her feminine areas, or too much about her looks; while girls want to feel pretty, they also want to feel like you respect them just as much for their smarts and personality. If you do want to compliment a girl on her looks, stick to these areas:
        • Smile
        • Hair
        • Eyes
        • Lips
        • Clothes
        • Style
      • Try out some compliments like these. They’re a rough sketch, so try to think of your own that are more appropriate for the occasion and the girl.
        • “I’m sorry this is pretty awkward, but I get really nervous around pretty girls.”
        • “Maybe you get this a lot, but I love the way your mind works.”
        • “I like how the colour of your eyes matches your dress. Does one of your parents also have blue eyes?”

     Being a “real man” means…

    Risking your heart for love.

    The biggest complaint women have about the dating scene today is that men aren’t men anymore. They’re passive, lazy, insecure “boys.” Women are looking for a real man. Being a real man means putting your heart on the line and pursuing the woman who peaks your interest.

    The biggest response men have to this complaint is that it’s not fair that all the responsibility of the pursuit belongs to the man. Why can’t women pursue too?

    Remember when we talked about women being crock pots? When a woman is ambivalent, how do you expect her to pursue?

    She can’t. It doesn’t work with a woman’s attraction process. But when a man pursues a woman, builds her trust, and shows her his interest, THAT’s when she can connect with her attraction, affection and attachment for him.

    Even if you do everything right, you still have to consider that you may not be the guy for her and that it’s just as hard for her to say no to you, as it is for you to feel hurt and rejected.

    Ask her out anyway. 

    You say you don’t want to risk your heart but the reality is: love is a numbers game. In sales, you pitch to 25 people before you get a taker. To expect a sale each time you pursue a woman would be setting yourself up for sure disappointment.

    C’mon man, no pain no gain. No risk no reward. Put your gloves on and get back in the ring! We’re all rooting for you!

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