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Don’t stop Kuami Eugene’s shine- Richie

Kuami Eugene

Chief Executive Officer of Lynx Entertainment, Richard Mensah popularly known as Richie, is asking Ghanaians not to discourage Angela hitmaker, Kuami Eugene, as he seeks to grow his music career.

Kuami Eugene released his latest track, Confusion, on February 1, but has been accused of stealing the song from a Malian musician, Sidiki Diabaté’s 2016 song, Fais moi Confiance, which means trust me.

However, Richie tells Showbiz the criticisms are unfair to a young man who puts so much work into his music.

“Kuami Eugene is very good I must confess. He is very hardworking and does not play with his career, I know what I am talking about.

He has passion and you can see music is all he’s got so for someone to say that I think it is not fair.

“These things go a long way to affect the person’s credibility which he has worked on for a very long time.

Now when you google his name, you will see tags of him accused of stealing someone’s song which is not good at all,” he said.

He urged Ghanaians to rally behind the guy and give him all the support he deserves because he is hardworking.

In a chat with Showbiz, Kuami Eugene said he drew inspiration not only from that song but from others too and stressed that he is a creative person who wouldn’t steal songs.

“I am a creative person. That is what people should know, I cannot go about taking what does not belong to me. As musicians, we draw inspiration from things and people and as producers, we do same so what is wrong if I draw inspiration from three different people?” he quizzed.

“Ghanaians must note that my song references Kojo Antwi’s Dadie Anoma, Daddy Lumba and also Sidiki Diabaté song Fais Moi Confiance, so I didn’t steal the songs, I only took inspiration from it,” the Ebeyeyie singer said.

“Isn’t that supposed to be a mark of creativity? Besides, I credited them, in fact, that morning I released the song, I tweeted at these people, telling them how the beats in their songs inspired my Confusion song and I thanked them for the release of great tunes.”

Kuami Eugene released Confusion about a week ago and within days, it gained over 300,000 views on YouTube. However, the mellow love song did not only draw views and praises but also criticisms.

All the controversy has certainly helped make the song and its accompanying video more popular.

The video is Number One on Trending videos in Ghana with 480,885 views as of yesterday.



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