Vendy produces movie ‘Hours to Graduate’


Vendy Asamoah a nineteen (19) years-old level 200 student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism has produced her first movie with title ‘Hours to graduate’.


Speaking to Vendy in an interview, she said she was inspired by her mother to write the movie and she look up to Shirley Frimpong Manso because of how she carry herself in the movie industry and how good her movies are.

The budding movie producer and script writer said, “I wrote this movie when I completed SHS at Methodist Girls, Manfe. I wa  s encouraged to write this by my mother since I used to write for the school’s magazine. I love this movie, it talks about everything on our campuses, and the movie is for everyone not only student”.

Vendy also said the main reason why most Ghanaians like Telenovelas is that most of our local movies lack creativity and the language used is sometimes too strong, “I think Ghanaians should be smart enough to double our creativity when it comes to movies and we should check the language used in movies in order to control our own movie market and the love for Telenovelas will reduce. As a new producers my style will be different”.

The movie which talks about what happens on tertiary campus, captures the life of a final year student who is just about wrapping up the four year academic calendar is yet to be shown in various campuses across the country and Vendy entreats all students to go and watch when it is being premiered on their various campuses

In this new movie there are lots of humor and it also touches on issues such as true friendship, Asthma and inferiority after teenage baby delivery.
The movie sees some great talents like Jess Haddarah of Bambini show, Michelle Ishmael among others and was dired by Kwabena Nyadu.


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