It starts from a simple idea of doing what they love to make a difference. Then it goes through the mill and gets turned into the great brands we love.

At our agency, we believe in story-telling. The perfect consumer-brand relationships start from telling the very stories that make up the brand.  Great brands, from personal to businesses, are being built each new day. Africa is on the rise and this is being fueled with the minds of great people.

There is always an inspiring story behind each brand’s journey. Sharing these inspiring stories usually come in boring forms on traditional media. Looking at how interactive and interesting social media has become, we see the essence of having such stories told in an interactive way.

Twitter is fun. It’s interesting. It’s interactive. More and more of the youth spend more time on Twitter than they watch or listen to television and radio respectively. People love to hear the stories behind these brands. So how about telling such inspiring stories on Twitter in an interactive way! Bingo! Thus, the birth of ‘The Big Chat’.

Nobody wants to pay attention to radio and television interviews anymore because it’s almost impossible to take part in the chat. Furthermore, traditional interviews cannot be revisited until they are uploaded on the internet.

The Big Chat shares the stories of great minds; how their brands were built and what it takes to be where they are now. These stories, we believe, will motivate a lot of Twitter folks to do more. Users are allowed to ask questions freely, although moderated.

The maiden episode features Ivy Barley, co-founder of Developers in Vogue; the brain behind an idea that has possibly affected more people than she could ever imagine. The Big Chat starts at 6:00 PM this and every Thursday on Twitter. Kindly participate by following us @iselmedia or #TheBigChat.  The Big Chat will feature amazing brands in its first season.


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