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DJ Mingle releases ‘Cool your temper’ video

LIVE FM’S DISC Jockey for ‘LifeStyle Café’, Live from the capital and Young Wild and Free radio show, DJ Mingle, has released the official video for his first single dubbed ‘Cool your Temper’.

The song which features Akoo Nana and its video directed by Rex, is a reassuring anthem for guys who want to let their ladies know they mean the world to them, and will forever be special in their world.

According to DJ Mingle, he is on a mission to leave powerful memories on the mind of music lovers with his first single.

He said “I want them to get a vibe that will be easy to sing along that anytime my name is mentioned, at least they can remember the first song that I put out. That is the chorus of the song that says ‘cool your temper don’t you know somebody loves you.’ It is a simple catchy hook that everybody can just vibe to.”

The song is a first of plans initiated by the DJ to introduce his craft to a wider audience. He added that “As a DJ there is more to it. There is music production, there’s beat making, there’s performance. There’s DJing itself and all that. I decided to come with it to broaden myself and be a bit out there, because just the music playing… its okay but you have to do more for yourself as an individual. You don’t have to be restricted to one area. You just have to broaden your horizon in the media industry that’s why I decided to come out with a song.”

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16-Year-Old Rapper arrested

Don Elvi, Ghanaian fast-rising rapper who recently released two new back to back single to announce his presence officially in the music industry has been arrested.

The “Balling” hitmaker was caught up by the Ghana Police for driving a 4Matic Mercedes Benz with having a License.

According to close sources, the rapper actually owns this car to his name and normally cruise around town whenever he wants to.

Not been on a lucky side this time around, he was arrested by the police who kept asking for his license.

As at now, we have no information about his whereabouts, if he is at the police station or he has been freed.

In other news, the rapper signed to Carozon Entertainment has been endorsed by worldwide producer DJ Beezy and award-winning controversial actress Rosemond Brown for producing such a hit, giving the hip-hop world more hope in the Ghanaian Music industry.

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