The who you know syndrome is killing talents – Penny


Peninnah Akosua Takyi Yeboah known in the fashion scene as Penny has said ‘the who you know syndrome’ is gradually killing dreams and talents in this part of the world.

Penny is a young model who was on the Sao Time fashion week, MASA in Cote divoire in India for the Miss Multinational and at Albania at the miss Globe World recently graduated with a degree in Psychology at the Methodist University College Ghana and is a native of Dormaa Ahenkro in the Brong Ahafo Region

According to Penny, most of the young ones may be very good but since they know nobody in the industry of their endeavor they are sometimes disappointed and end up indulging in some activities to get favour from bosses for jobs.

She said “The industry isn’t an easy one I must say; it has its biases which you will have to deal with. I learn each and everyday as a model because everyday has its package. As a model in Ghana demands lots of strength and perseverance which without, you can’t survive. It’s all about who you know sometimes”

She said “Modeling was like a calling it happened after I won face of Methodist University College. I was fortunate to be discovered by the CEO of DSG model Agency, Dionne Slash Gavin, who was our groomer, he saw potential in me so scouted me and the journey began, though her journey has not been easy but its rewards have been life changing.”

The model and beauty queen who has represented Ghana in various countries comes from a family of five  and has had few nominations both in Ghana and on the international scenes like the  (Afroma Awards, Ghana Tertiary Awards, Ghana Female Tertiary Awards etc.) as Upcoming Model and Model of the Year respectively.

Penny who is currently the face and brand ambassador for Netseba fashion also explained that she will work hard in order not to disappoint the sweats that have contributed to her success. She added that she is targeting no one in the modelling industry “I see only me in the industry…I am in no competition at all with no one…It’s all about me, the Darkhorse. I look up to God and my able boss who guides me well.”

Speaking about the modeling industry in Ghana, she advised that the industry should focus more on talent rather than allowing ‘who you know’ rule and Ghana will be a better place.

Penny’s dream is to go around the world touching lives and putting smiles on faces


This is her advise to the everyone “To anyone who appreciates what I do, you can do better.When they say you are nothing special,tell them it’s just cos my package is too much for you.You are everything you want to be and everything they are not, all you need is believe and take a step.Fall as many times but never despair,still rise.Love what you do and what you do will smile right back at you;There is no perfect way of doing anything, just do you.Always remember, if I could do it, so can you”


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