Models are not sexual objects-ThyKingdom


THE CHIEF Executive Officer of Focal Eye Model Agency, ThyKingdom Kudesey who with his agency is campaigning for the patronage of local fashion, has highlighted that models are not sexual objects as most people perceive.

ThyKingdom, speaking at an event hosted by his agency to unveil both the ‘Rep Africa festival’ and the signing of contract between the agency and Splash Social Centre, he said “modelling is a profession and should be respected just like other profession. Models shouldn’t be seen as sex tools or objects when working with them. They are ambassadors of change. Models deserve better”

The event, dubbed Heritage fashion is a campaign introduced by Focal Eye Model Agency to promote tourism and the high patronage of the Ghanaian or African heritage through fashion with models as ambassadors.

The initiative which has become a house hold name campaigning for the high patronage of the Ghanaian heritage is set to host its maiden edition dubbed ‘Rep Africa pool party’, on May 26,2018, where models will showcase themselves in African prints swim suits to support the campaign.

According to manager of Splash Social Center, Alfred Omari, they came on board to support a worthy course, he told us  that, “Splash Social Centre is an event organizing company which is ready to support initiatives like this to put Ghana and Africa on the map. We  find it great to be part of this”.

Speaking to the CEO of Focal Eye Model, ThyKingdom, he added that “promoting our heritage as Africans will improve our tourism and therefore reduce unemployment in the country, more fashion brands will grow, great designers will be discovered and the agenda of Ghana beyond aid will be achieved with fashion. ‘Rep Africa pool party’ will introduce Ghana fashion to the world.

“This campaign is not only for Focal Eye, is a national agenda and we have Empire model Agency Gleam Model Agency, and some fashion designers supporting the movement”


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