Demaverse studios out with ‘Jive Africa’


DEMAVERSE STUDIO, a media network brand whose main focus is video production and providing the best entertainment content for its audience is out with a new entertainment show dubbed ‘Jive Africa’.

According to the CEO of Demaverse, the company’s name stems from the first two letters of his name, which is ‘De’ from Deon and ‘Ma’ from Matthews and the Verse basically means “my universal or my creative space”.

Deon said Jive Africa is an online entertainment magazine dedicated to provide the best in entertainment content from Africa and the rest of the world  with reports on trends in music, movies, style & fashion, Pop Culture and will  feature articles from its sister companies Flipside TV(Nightlife) and Tape Xtra (Event Coverage).

Deon added that “The magazine is centered on short videos, artworks accompanied by articles and it will be telecasted on social media because we live in an age where the internet has become the medium of communication. Jive Africa seeks to round up all the news and buzz making the headlines and present them in a way that will reach our audience faster and also be easier for their understanding in the most creative and vibrant way as possible.

“Jive means deception, we chose the name because we want to give a new meaning to it as a lie into the truth and standing against the status quo and beating stereotypes, why be normal when you can be different”

Jive Africa online magazine is produced by Deon Mathews and is available on and all social media platforms.







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