My mum was there when I went blind for 10 years – Zylofon boss


Nana Appiah Mensah CEO of Zylofon Media and owner of several other companies have shared his touching story on Mothers’ day to celebrate his mother and show his appreciation to her.

In a post the young millionaire posted, he disclosed that he was blind for 10 years, died many times, limbed but during all those difficult times in his life, his mom never gave up on him. Instead, she took care of him and kept giving him a reason not to give up and prophesied into his life that he was going to be a wonder to the world.

And yes, he’s become a wonder to Ghana today and we don’t have to talk about all that he owns and has done so far because we’ve all seen it.

His full post read:

All that I am and would ever be God willing, I owe it all to you Maa. I remember those dreadful???? 10 years that, I lost my sight, my limbs, died many times and when everyone thought it was all over, you gave me a rebound out of nothing by faith and just because you believed. A new life, a new breathe! You told me I would be a wonder to the world and I believed, though it seemed then like a mirage. Today, the mission is in progress. Till the end of time, I would always love you with all my heart, Suzzy????????????. Happy Mother’s Day. #Ghanashallprosper #Arise&Build #Believeinprophecy#prophecymanifestationmoments????


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