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Elikem the Tailor designs Anas-inspired clothes

While conversations on Anas Aremeyaw Anas’s recent work are ongoing, others have also chosen to settle on his style of dressing.

A lot of people have improvised their own ‘Anas Wear’ over the years and have shared on social media.

The undercover journalist is usually seen wearing a hat affixed to strings to cover his face.

Recently, there was a picture of a three-year-old girl of the Holy Trinity Lutheran School at Kwadaso-Estate in Kumasi, who dressed like him to school during their Career Day.

Latest to join the ‘Anas Wear’ craze is fashion designer and former Big Bother Aftrica contestant, Elikem Kumordzie.

He has released pictures of clothes designed in the model of the investigative journalist’s apparel.

Anas has recently become the centre of most discussions upon the release of his ‘Number 12’ exposé which reveals corruption in the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

See some photos of the Anas-oriented wears designed by Elikem Kumordzie:

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Women Don’t Die: Omama Kidash

Ghanaian Poet Omama Kidash who has described himself as a believer in women, has outpoured his innermost feelings on the stage of the globe to exhibit his true thoughts on the woman’s image in society. The conversation on equal rights for women has been rife over the years. In the midst of the whirlwind of this all important dialogue, Omama Kidash plants his post for rumination by all.

Women Don’t Die

Women don’t die

If they know they are the other half

Of the head

And not the tailing diapers

Without eye holes

Women don’t die

If they know they are too strong to break,

For they carry all generations

And still dance up in the sky

Women don’t die

If they know they wield too much power

To need more:

They are tenderly strong

To guide the hardest hearts

And too multitasking to ever go dry

Women don’t die

If they shoot the arrow of their creativity

Into the heart of gold

And go all out to empty their hidden skills

Women don’t die

If they hoist the flag of their power

And sing the reverberating songs of  

Their priceless value

Women don’t die

If they know when to say no

And reject all forms of abuses

Women don’t die

Yes, they don’t,

If they understand the uniqueness of their make

And their phenomenal irreplaceability.

Omama Kidash, who has taught Literature-in-English for many years in Boso Senior High Technical School, currently teaches the same subject in the Pentecost Senior High School – Koforidua. He is a member of the Ghana Association of Writers.


© Omama Kidash

Facebook: Omama Kidash

Twitter:    @OmamaKidash

Email: [email protected]


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