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Ibrah Wan unveils brand new Audi R8 on Eid ul-Fitr.

GHANAIAN BUSINESS tycoon Ibrahim Daouda popular known as Ibrah Wan, who was accused of dealing in fraudulent activities is back in the news as he unveiled a brand new car on Eid ul-Fitr.

The young millionaire based in Ghana has put a lot of people in bombshell as he drop a new Audi R8 V10, 2017 model. The Audi R8 which cost 350,000 dollars was just shipped into the country last week and was cleared a day before the Eid ul-Fitr celebration.

The green Audi R8 caused traffic in town as he drove on the street of Accra on Friday during the Eid al-Fitr celebrations, while a lot of young folks on street tried taking shoot of the new beast in town even though this is not his first Audi R8 car but this standouts as compared to the previous one.

Despite a lot of allegations which were made against businessman, Ibrah Wan, for the past few months, it appears that the allegations have not stopped him from living a luxurious life publically.

In an interview, Ibrah, stated that “most of the allegations against me involving in fraudulent activities were false, and it was just a way to dent my hard earn reputation. In my whole life I have never seen a counter back before.”

Surveying the compound after the interview, it was realized that the circulated rumors that Ibrah Wan has gone ‘bankrupt’ and has sold his cars were all false when some of his cars were amassed in his compound.



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Visiting Kantanka automobile is an eye opener- Sarkodie


Ghanaian rapper and multiple award-winning artiste, Michael Owusu Addo, known in showbiz circles as Sarkodie over the weekend paid an official visit to Kantanka Automobile, producers of Kantanka cars.

The rapper who has been very skeptical on National issues and has often bashed the government for not supporting Kwadwo Sarfo’s inventions in a video sighted on his Instagram page couldn’t hide his emotions upon his visit to the Kantanka Automobile.

According to Sarkodie in his caption, he feels bad for not realizing there are brands in Ghana that needs the support of the Ghanaian populace, something he isn’t proud of.

He also wondered why Ghanaians rather patronize foreign products and commended Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo, producer of the Kantanka cars manufactured and assembled here in Ghana and out of guilt, announced that in fulfillment of showing his support, he has placed an order for his first Kantanka automobile.

Read his post below:

“My visit to @Kantankaautomobile was an eye opener!!! Thanks @kwadwosafo_jnr for the invite… We all hypocrites (myself included) but the good news is, it’s never our fault it was programmed for us to be like that. But it’s never too late! We just gotto be aware and wake up!!! The innovative inventions by the Legend Apostle Sarfo Kantanka will blow your mind… I left the place speechless and with a lot of guilt… We producing all these in my country but not too proud to support it but we kill to give BMW the license to operate and dominate our territory! It’s a matter of time. Africa is blessed! Please go on the net, read and watch all about ‘Kantanka’. Anyways I just ordered my first Katanka Automobile….#Blackexcellence #SCMobile”

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