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The #10-Years Challenge is a Trap, for Africans

It’s a trap; the “#10years challenge” is a trap, Africa.

Recently, the internet has been flooded with pictures of people from 10 years ago and the “now”, side by side; on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram mostly. For some people the 10-year gap is 2008-2018, and for others it’s 2009-2019.

The social media narcissists are having the time of the lives, and also if you know someone who never posts anything on their Facebook, this is the best time to check up on their wall: chances are you will see a post.

If you ever wondered if a friend or follower was dead, this is the time to verify your suspicions, because if they aren’t you will see their pictures pop up on your notification or newsfeed very soon -surely alongside some ” legendary” caption.

This past couple of weeks has taken online friendships to the next level, because at least now all your friends or followers know how silly you looked 10 years ago.

Africans should consider well their participation in this latest trend though.

I mean the rest of the world doesn’t yet know that a 17 year old African looks the same when they are 27; they don’t know that a 24 years old soccer player could actually be 44 . We should keep this on the low.

Like Kwabena Bibini Tawiah, a host at X Live Africa said, maybe Mark Zuckerberg has partnered with Security Agencies to fish out some specific people.

Come to think of it, maybe these people are Africans with age issues.

Maybe the government of Ghana has a hand in this scheme because people below the ages of 18 are fond of going to register for a voters ID, and the registration officers can’t complain because really, who can tell: who can tell if that person is actually 19 or 9? In this case, if ten years ago, a person had only two small teeth in their mouth, the Agencies will know there’s no way they qualified to vote in the last election: their parents forced them to register and vote for John Mahama, so now both they and their parents will get arrested.

Then again, maybe it could be a plot to identify all those African local government officials, or those working in the United nations, who are older than a 100 and yet have documents that say they are 40 years old. If the Security Agencies find out they had grey hair and wrinkles last 10 years, they’ll know their current black hair is a dye and that they’ve had a little bit of plastic surgery in addition to their ageless physique.

Anyway, 10 years ago, a lot of this African pictures were taken at a photo studio, where the person was either sitting on a stool and wearing a crown, or maybe wearing some large clothes and pants, with some fake gold chains, portraying a “wanna be” rapper. This is not great to watch.

When the Security Agencies of the world notice the pattern in our posted pictures and get to know that we are older than the story of mankind, they might just ban all our national soccer teams and bring home all our players in the major leagues.

Please let’s not let this happen. Say no to the “10year challenge”

Source : Isaac Asare (Psyche)

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nana Kojo Young

    February 4, 2019 at 11:24 am

    Hilarious 😂

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