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E.C.G boss has a secret “admirer”.

In Ghana today, how many people can boast of having the phone number of a top official at the Electricity Company of Ghana?

In fact, how many people would like to have the phone number of a top official at the Electricity Company of Ghana?

Maybe not very much right now, but a couple of years ago, when dumsor was dumsor, as in dum-dum-dum-dum and sor , many people sure would have wanted this .That and the phone number of the president back then. Ghanaians were so vexed back then; we complained a lot, but most at times to wind, apparently.

Anyway, latest news reaching us at fylladey indicates that some random Ghanaian has somehow managed to get the phone number of the E.C.G managing director, Mr Robert Dwamena. Mr. Dwamena reportedly made a report at the Nima police station about this mystery person who repeatedly keeps texting him the exact same words, ” wo maame tw3 for taking my light”, anytime there is a power outage in that person’s location.

Mr. Dwamena says it has been over 7 months since the first incident, and now he is tired of it: he can’t continue to tolerate such nuisance anymore. He tried to ignore the rush but it just keeps spreading.

This mystery person is not very good at English though, obviously: I mean the same words over and over again?  Come on!!

I think it is also logically safe to assume that this person is a man, because it’s very unlikely for a Ghanaian woman to do that: maybe a Nigerian woman could but, not our Ghanaian women.

Then again, a Ga woman could but they would write the insult in their ga language. They’ll like to make the twi bit of the text into Ga, so they can be content in their heart they insulted you.

It’s unlikely this is woman because most Ghanaian women will have a completely different agenda if they had the phone number of an E.C.G Managing Director. All these girls who you hear singing along to Davido’s Assurance; they aren’t playing no games at all. Give them the phone number of an E.C.G boss, or any rich or famous person, and all hell breaks loose. These Instagram girls.

This person is a man; probably a Hausa man, because they have that tendency to insult you in your own language so they are sure you did understand it and so felt the hurt fully. Mr. Dwamena has a twi name so this hausa person gave them twi.

Furthermore, this person is a fan of Shatta Wale – no doubt. Shatta Wale fans across the country do love to use the words of their “master”. Now you see how the songs you listen to affects your vocabulary?

I think the Ghana Police Service should just stage a Shatta Wale concert; one that promises all fans an opportunity to appear on his next video shoot, if on that day they participate in some sort of competition and win.

All Shatta Wale fans will sure troop in that day. The game will be played by text so they will be required to bring their phones.

There should be telecommunication people present that day; so immediately the texts are coming in they can trace the person with the phone number that has being harassing the E.C.G Managing director. The police could also just right away announce that phone number to be the winner and invite him on stage.

You know someone who repeats the same words for over seven months is not very smart ; he shall fall for it.

He’ll be thinking he’s about to meet his idol but soon enough he will be sitting in an electric chair- that’ll be his punishment for his crime.

In that chair, he will have all the electric power that he wants.

Just picture that.

He who lives by electricity dies by electricity.

On the under hand, this person is still good at snooping around though – If he can get the E.C.G Managing Director’s phone number, then he can get us the phone numbers of our celebrity crushes.

On second thought, this person should open a fake Facebook account where his helps us everyday people get the number of our celebrity crushes.

He gets rich, and we get to look at the WhatsApp status updates of our celebrity crushes, because if we message we might just get blocked.

There are some celebrity women advertising themselves for suitors though, so we could try messaging. They just need men now; not necessarily rich men. Yes!!

It’s understandable though- the plight of the E.C.G Managing Director. I mean 7 months of someone texting to insult you.

If it was just one number doing the texting though, why didn’t he block it?

Also if this mystery person, this man, uses that number as their everyday number he’s very dumb.

Morale of the story: People say, say to their face instead, the bad stuff you say behind them; but in your face it still hurts. We must let people keep talking behind us, then.

Writer: Isaac Asare (psyche)

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Fimfim’s ‘forces’ to shake the music industry

“The industry is not paying; the industry is on its last legs”, these are some of the comments we hear every day but speaking to Fimfim the rapper man, he ‘forces’ to spill out some deep words on industry ‘forces’.

According to the prolific Ghanaian sound engineer, producer and rapper known in the music space as Fimfim the rapper man, the entertainment industry does not support originality and has caused laziness among its players.

Fimfim the rapperman, who is leading a one man crusade to correct some of these malicious acts in the industry, has composed a new tune dubbed ‘Forces’ which  exposes the forces that work against talents and creativity in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

In an interview with, Fimfim explained that ‘forces’ was inspired by challenges faced by the artiste in the music industry. “The industry has been compromised to the point where one artiste needs to sound like the next in order to be given audience.”

He added that, “Several artists pay a lot of money to get a record done, huge sum to shoot music videos and even pay to get played on the radio, yet the fans are hesitant to click on buy links to support the art. Diversity breeds expansion and that’s what the various stakeholders are failing to appreciate. The industry needs fresh breed of artiste to grow and proper structures to function, thus, the inspiration behind the choice of name for the song. Forces in the industry. ‘Forces’ targets every stakeholder of the industry. Government inclusive.

Fimfim who is also known as the conceptual lyricist, in the song addressed artiste to go back to writing songs, he said “the torchbearers of the industry should point the light to the right direction, government introducing working structures that will check and protect the intellectual properties of the creative arts as a whole.

Hammering on the fact that, some industry players do not supports talents, but support individuals based on how controversial they get by either exposing some parts of their bodies or doing something to get attention, “Sex sells but what happens when these same features that made you sexually attractive fades due to aging? Real talent never dies thus I will urge these female artistes to work on their talent to sell rather than focusing on their sexuality as a means of breaking through. The art goes beyond the fame.”

‘Forces’ was written and produced by Fimfim and it features DJ Huarache who did the scratch works during the interludes. I am a “conceptual lyricist” who loves addressing issues.

The song is available on all digital distribution platforms like soundcloud, iTunes, spotify, deezer, Amazon, and more. The video to the song will be dropped soon.


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