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From 2019, life is a race.

It’s already the 25th of January, 2019 – do we realize this?

It’s like the world is conspiring against our new year resolutions.

For real, don’t blink, because if you do, you’ll open it up to the 31st of December. You’ll open it up to the same empty bank account, the same weight, the same unfinished projects, the same annoying boss, the same response from the embassy; the same everything.

Somebody call the X-men: We need a Quicksilver.

We need time to slow down so we can thoroughly make stuff happen.

If Ghanaians were Israelites, and so Nana Addo was Joshua, he could maybe ask God to let the sun stand still until the war to accomplish our resolutions is won.

Come to think of it though, Nana Addo also needs the sun to stand still so he can make happen his many campaign promises. NPP communicators keep implying that the Free SHS program has not properly settled yet; so with that in addition to the zero factories built so far, the president can sure also use a lot of slow down in time.

From now on, one year can be equivalent to one month.

A new research says short women don’t live very long so if a year is a month now, how short their life spans will be.

This year, we will have to multiple times as hard and as fast.  We can’t afford to sleep: we can’t afford to sleep 30 minutes more because if we do we’ll wake up to 9:00 pm instead of 6:30 am. Then our bosses will fire us.

This year we are racing against time, not ourselves. If you are recording artiste make sure you book for a12 hours session, because 3hours won’t do you much good; it will be like just 3 minutes. Music producers will make a lot of money this year then.

Also this year, people who hate their jobs will spend a less amount of time at work -that’s a good thing, yeah? Kids who don’t want to go to school will also get to spend less time in school.

We should not be forgetting the fact that the adom TV twi-novelas will also pass as soon as they start. They make a lot of noise with those.

If life was a movie, the perfect background music for all of our individuals lives now is the song, Fast Lane by Eminem and Bad Meets Evil. Whatever we do, we sure need to do it fast now. In the exam hall, if you’re asking a friend for the answer to a question, you need to be fast, friend, because the invigilator’s 2 minutes of walking away then back would now happen in a flash. Also if you are a “chew and poor” student, that few hours in the last moment before the paper tomorrow, will be swift. If you’ll study for 4 hours it will seem like 4 minutes, so you can soon put your textbooks away and watch funny videos on YouTube.

As observed, there are both advantages and disadvantages to the times going so fast.

One thing is for certain though: no matter how fast the years may go by now,  they can’t be faster than circle boys switching you a bar of soap or stone for an iPhone 7plus you just paid for .

Writer: Isaac Asare (psyche)

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Phrame exhibits prowess on ‘Lord of the Ring’

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