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Rich people like Anas and Kennedy – the kind the law was made for.

We as a country seem not to be looking at an especially important angle to this feud between the highly praised investigative Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas and the most outspoken and self “sufficient” politician in Ghana, Honorable Kennedy Agyapong.

Both of these people are extremely rich, and this is why they can afford to go back and forth in court. This is why Kennedy Agyapong can get away with talking anyhow with the host of a show he was invited to; and this why Anas can afford to infiltrate the places he does, and even more so give such a huge sum of money to the fallen GFA boss, Kwasi Nyantakyi. How far did that case go anyway?

The recent death of Anas’ work colleague has staired up some notable activity in the police force, and that’s good but what if the unfortunately diseased person was not a work colleague of Anas?

This article isn’t to speculate who committed or instigated that crime because Tiger Eye PI has been in their line of business for long so surely have a considerable number of people who still bare a grudge for their toes being stepped on; and this not to say what Honorable Kennedy Agyapong said was “safe” either. Furthermore, we were taught to not believe everything we see on TV.
Reality shows are sometimes not reality shows and a seemingly happy and smiley newscaster may have been fiercely fighting a colleague before they got on set. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes?
We really just know as much as we are told.
All that is police business then !!
What about the everyday citizens of Ghana though? What about us?
Will the Police put in much effort for a murdered average citizen who is not associated with any wealthy person? Will they do the same for you and me?
When our cases go to court like Anas and Kennedy Agyapong, will our lawyers be as Knowledgeable in the law? Will our lawyers be as smart as Kwasi Nyantakyi’s?

What about this whole Nam 1 issue? Eventually, will his Lawyer be a Ph.D. Holder from Harvard or Yale or something?

This is the country we live in.
Cops, Lawyers, and almost everyone who is entrusted with the job to protect us: they care so little about protecting the average and even poor Ghanaian. Our lives and rights mean nothing to these: we are just numbers they feel like they can toss around and toss away. We don’t really even have freedom of speech. If you pay attention, you’ll realize that only rich people do.

That lady who was beaten at a bank: she was lucky someone was around to record it. An online friend was once slapped about by cops for absolutely no reason but she wasn’t lucky enough to have it recorded. She said you are told to shut up whiles they abuse you- the ones that are supposed to protect you.

They’ll protect you if you’re rich.
Heck, they’ll even throw in a free lesson on your rights.

Cops don’t slap Anas or Kennedy Agyapong. Lawyers and judges treat them like people the law was made for. Our cases are swift, but “special” people like these; theirs are long.

We have no rights, we the ones that aren’t rich. We complain about slavery of old, and even current mental slavery from the west, but we forget that we also already are enslaved by our fellow black people.
Slaves to the law enforcers; and slaves to the rich people who can influence the law enforcers.

May the media never become slaves though: may we work for the best of every Ghanaian and not just a “special few”.

Why can’t every Ghanaian’s life be as precious as Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ and Honorable Kennedy Agyapong’s?
Why can’t the law give regards to our humanity,  we the ordinary people, when we go to court; even for stealing mere farm produce worth at most 10 Ghana cedis?
The words of Jesus will echo; ” Why do you see the speck in your brother’s eyes, but do not notice the log in yours? ”

Our situation as a country is like W.W.E wrestlers in a ring, fighting whiles spectators in the stands are screaming to the one they support ” knock him out. knock him out “. Their words have no effect on the match because as popularly believed, wrestling is staged.
The wealthy people will most at times do what they wanna do. We will talk and scream and contribute and point fingers but, it mostly has no effect on what they will do.
We are spectators, sadly.
But at least; at least the rest of the country should be treated as people the law was made to protect too.
All of us are equally important as Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Honorable Kennedy Agyapong. We are as important as the son, the daughter, the wife, the husband, the brother, the sister, the mother, or the father of any police or lawyer or judge in the country. Everybody’s relative loves them the same.
May the Judiciary understand this; may the legislature understand this; may the executive understand this. May we all understand this: it’s not a cliche.

God bless our homeland, Ghana.

By Isaac Asare (Psyche)

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