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Lucky Chinese man escapes death twice.

Hung Sheng Shong, a Chinese expatriate in Ghana, is blowing the minds of internet users with a video showing how he escaped death twice on the roads of Tarkwa: in one day this man escaped death twice.

Mr Shong survived a car crush and also saved his bride price money, from the hands of “good Samaritans” – I mean everybody knows that whenever something tragic happens some “good Samaritans” go to do more than help. Well, maybe they help and also get themselves paid in the process.

Reports coming in reveal that on the day of this remarkable incident, Mr Shong who is a shareholder in one of the Melcom Franchises in Ghana, had gone to collect his share of the profits from last year, and was on the way to the house of his Ghanaian girlfriend Amina Bentum.

Mr Shong had promised to go pay the bride price of Amina on the day and so was taking the money there right away: Amina’s father had warned him that if he does not bring the amount of money agreed as bride price by the end of the day, Amina will be given to another man. Mr. Shong loves Amina so much he could not allow that happen.

In a short interview with Fei Bai Chang, Mr Shong’s best friend, he said that Mr Shong used to be a racist until the day he met Amina; since then Mr Shong listens to old school rap music and everything, and even believes that he may have being black in his previous life. He has plans on becoming an Afro beat musician in Ghana.

In fact, sources have disclosed that Mr Shong, even though still recovering at the hospital, has told cops that he could help them locate all the Chinese illegal miners in the country; just to prove how much he loves Amina and so would fight for the people of Amina. Mr Shong says the small Chinese eyes we know are actually artificial and is intentionally implanted by doctors at birth so all Chinese people can connect with themselves wherever they are, and that’s how he can locate all the illegal miners -the original eyes of Chinese people are normal sized.

Mr Shong shared a lot of other sensitive and top secret information to the police.

Now, this is love.

Until now, internet users have gotten it wrong; Mr Shong didn’t care more about the money than his life, but that the money is the source of his life. If he loses Amina, he will kill himself, sources have reported.

Speaking on a Peace FM show today, through a phone interview, Mr Shong made this statement: ” I know people say they rarely see black Chinese people. I know people say China can never have a black president; but me and Amina, we shall give birth to a somewhat Black Chinese daughter and I will make sure she becomes a president in China. Black lives matter.”

By Isaac Asare (Psyche)

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Fimfim’s ‘forces’ to shake the music industry

“The industry is not paying; the industry is on its last legs”, these are some of the comments we hear every day but speaking to Fimfim the rapper man, he ‘forces’ to spill out some deep words on industry ‘forces’.

According to the prolific Ghanaian sound engineer, producer and rapper known in the music space as Fimfim the rapper man, the entertainment industry does not support originality and has caused laziness among its players.

Fimfim the rapperman, who is leading a one man crusade to correct some of these malicious acts in the industry, has composed a new tune dubbed ‘Forces’ which  exposes the forces that work against talents and creativity in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

In an interview with, Fimfim explained that ‘forces’ was inspired by challenges faced by the artiste in the music industry. “The industry has been compromised to the point where one artiste needs to sound like the next in order to be given audience.”

He added that, “Several artists pay a lot of money to get a record done, huge sum to shoot music videos and even pay to get played on the radio, yet the fans are hesitant to click on buy links to support the art. Diversity breeds expansion and that’s what the various stakeholders are failing to appreciate. The industry needs fresh breed of artiste to grow and proper structures to function, thus, the inspiration behind the choice of name for the song. Forces in the industry. ‘Forces’ targets every stakeholder of the industry. Government inclusive.

Fimfim who is also known as the conceptual lyricist, in the song addressed artiste to go back to writing songs, he said “the torchbearers of the industry should point the light to the right direction, government introducing working structures that will check and protect the intellectual properties of the creative arts as a whole.

Hammering on the fact that, some industry players do not supports talents, but support individuals based on how controversial they get by either exposing some parts of their bodies or doing something to get attention, “Sex sells but what happens when these same features that made you sexually attractive fades due to aging? Real talent never dies thus I will urge these female artistes to work on their talent to sell rather than focusing on their sexuality as a means of breaking through. The art goes beyond the fame.”

‘Forces’ was written and produced by Fimfim and it features DJ Huarache who did the scratch works during the interludes. I am a “conceptual lyricist” who loves addressing issues.

The song is available on all digital distribution platforms like soundcloud, iTunes, spotify, deezer, Amazon, and more. The video to the song will be dropped soon.


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