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Innovative Government leaders needed in the application of Gaming for Youth Development in Africa

Africa is a continent of creativity and the fastest-growing which is why it needs more innovative leaders in the application of new technologies for the development of its youth.

Kwesi Hayford, President of Ghana esports Association said during his submission on Africa Digital Festival’s Webinar on Digital Streaming in Africa.

Kwesi Hayford

The generational gap between Africa’s governments and its growing youth play a huge role in accessing which better policies is needed in developing programs for the betterment of the citizens of each African country.

Sharing an experience, he is encountering with Ghana’s sports and youth development ministry on the adaptation of esports as a tool for youth employment and development. I quote “Some government directors believe esports is a fraudulent activity and would not play a meaningful impact on the development of the youth in Ghana”

But research shows gamification of educational activities impacts hugely on children. Electronic Sports around the world has a market revenue of about $1 billion dollars with Africa’s gaming market revenue estimated to surpass $300 million dollars by 2022 with a 75% increase by 2025.

In Africa, South Africa leads the Gaming industry with Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana following hence incorporating this into sporting activities would not just help develop better youth but also employ and create jobs.

African Government do not really understand or see esports as a tool for development and leadership needs more education on how esports cannot just educate but contribute to the GDP of the African economies, especially the Sports and Youth Ministries of Africa, Kwesi said during the webinar.

African Gamers

During the lockdown, if the Confederation for African Football (CAF) really understood the gaming space, they would have capitalized on organizing an electronic version of the Africa Cup of Nations while using football to contribute to making citizens in lockdown not just contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by being bored staying home but excited while also donating to health workers through the Africa eCup of Nations.

African leaders do not need to be innovative but also have innovators and youth that understand the new technologies to man various sectors of government to help in the application of new digital solutions and technologies to the development of its youth for the continent.

Source: Africa Digital Festival.

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