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Are you a true connoisseur of “The Rescuers”? Take our Disney Quiz and find out!

Are you a true connoisseur of

Welcome to our unique Quiz Disney challenge! Today's theme is focused on the charming classic, . How well do you remember Bernard, Bianca, and their thrilling adventures? Are you a true fan or just a casual viewer? Let's discover your knowledge level with this exciting quiz.

Who are the two main characters in The Rescuers?
Bernard and Miss Bianca
Pongo and Perdita
and Nala
What is the name of the villain in The Rescuers?
Madame Medusa
What animal is Bernard in The Rescuers?
What is the Rescue Aid Society in The Rescuers?
A rescue team for endangered animals
An international mouse organization
A rescue team for lost objects
A team of rescuers for natural calamities
What is the name of the little girl who needs to be rescued in The Rescuers?
Which of the following is not a sequel to The Rescuers?
The Rescuers in the Outback
The Rescuers: Journey to a New World
The Rescuers: Lost in the Jungle

Overview of The Rescuers

Based on the books by British author , The Rescuers is a captivating Disney animation film that has enchanted audiences since 1977. The film follows the thrilling adventures of two brave mice, Bernard and Miss Bianca, who are on a crucial mission to rescue a little girl named Penny.

The Characters

  • Bernard – A timid but brave and smart mouse, who stands as the male protagonist.
  • Miss Bianca – The charming and elegant female mouse, who is also brave and kind-hearted.
  • Penny – The young orphan girl, who needs rescuing from the villainous Madame Medusa.
  • Madame Medusa – The greedy pawnshop owner and the main .
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Reception and Legacy

Despite being one of the lesser-known Disney classics, The Rescuers was highly successful at the box office, and it was praised for its strong storyline, compelling characters, and memorable soundtrack. The film's success led to a sequel, The Rescuers Down Under, which was released in 1990, making it the first Disney animated feature to have a sequel.


  • The Rescuers was the last film project to be approved by Walt Disney himself, before his death in 1966.
  • It was the first Disney film to get a sequel in the form of a theatrical release.
  • The film is set in the backdrop of Devil's Bayou, although the original books were set in England.

Concluding Thoughts

The Rescuers is a heartwarming tale of courage, friendship, and the power of belief. Its enduring appeal and unique charm make it a fascinating subject for Disney enthusiasts, animation lovers, and trivia buffs alike. So, whether you're discovering it for the first time or revisiting it with a sense of nostalgia, there's always something new to learn and appreciate about this beloved Disney classic.

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