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Dragon Ball Quiz: Discover the Ultimate Challenge and Showcase Your Expertise on the Iconic Artifacts of Dragon Ball!

Dragon Ball Quiz: Discover the Ultimate Challenge and Showcase Your Expertise on the Iconic Artifacts of Dragon Ball!

Welcome to the Quiz! Delve into the dynamic universe of Dragon Ball as we test your knowledge about its diverse artifacts. From mystical Dragon Balls to powerful scouters, are you ready to prove your fandom? Suit up, it's time to begin your quest for mastery in Dragon Ball lore.

What is the name of the artifact used to summon Shenron?
Dragon Balls
Dragon Pearls
Shenron Stones
Z Stones
Which artifact allows and his friends to instantly move to any location?
Z Sword
Capsule Corp. Spaceship
Instant Transmission Technique
Flying Nimbus
What artifact was used to seal Demon King Piccolo?
Sealing Jar
Dragon Balls
Z Sword
Potara Earrings
Which artifact allows two people to permanently fuse?
Potara Earrings
Fusion Dance
Dragon Balls
Z Sword
What artifact increases Saiyan power after severe injury?
Zenkai Boost
Dragon Balls
Saiyan Armor
Tail Ring
What artifact did Goku use to defeat Kid Buu?
Spirit Bomb
Dragon Balls
Power Pole
Potara Earrings

About Dragon Ball Artifacts

Dragon Ball, a creation of , has evolved from a comic series into a worldwide phenomenon, featuring an array of unique and captivating artifacts. These artifacts, ranging from powerful Dragon Balls to the iconic Flying Nimbus, have left an indelible mark on the series, offering both intrigue and entertainment. Our quiz will guide you through these integral elements of the Dragon Ball universe, allowing you to test your knowledge.

Dragon Balls

Dragon Balls are seven magical orbs that are central to the series. When gathered, they grant the bearer one wish, summoned by the eternal dragon Shenron. This concept roots the series in exploration and adventure, driving the narrative from the onset.


These are wearable, computer-like devices used mainly by 's forces to measure power levels. They serve as an effective way to introduce power scaling in the series, allowing characters and viewers alike to understand the strength of opponents.

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Senzu Beans

These magical beans have potent healing properties, restoring energy and healing injuries. Often used at critical moments, they serve as a plot device for character recovery and survival in dire situations.

Flying Nimbus

The Flying Nimbus, a magical, fast-moving yellow cloud, is Goku's primary mode of transportation in the early series. It's a gift from and can only be ridden by those with a pure heart, reinforcing the underlying theme of morality in the series.

Artifacts List

  • Dragon Balls: Seven magical orbs that can summon a dragon to grant a wish.
  • Scouters: Devices used to measure the power levels of warriors.
  • Senzu Beans: Mystical beans with potent healing properties.
  • Flying Nimbus: A cloud that serves as Goku's transportation, only ridable by the pure of heart.

These artifacts contribute significantly to the narrative, themes, and character development in the series. Test your knowledge with our quiz and see how well you know these iconic artifacts of Dragon Ball!

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