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Dragon Ball Quiz: Discover the Ultimate Resurrection of F Saga Trivia and Test Your Knowledge Like a True Super Saiyan!

Dragon Ball Quiz: Discover the Ultimate Resurrection of F Saga Trivia and Test Your Knowledge Like a True Super Saiyan!

Welcome to the Quiz: a deep dive into the fascinating history of the Resurrection of F Saga. Test your knowledge of this enthralling narrative, renowned for its epic battles, riveting storylines, and unforgettable characters. Are you ready to prove your mastery of one of Dragon Ball‘s most iconic sagas?

Who was the main in the Resurrection of F Saga?
In the Resurrection of F Saga, who was the first to fight Frieza?
Who killed Frieza in the Resurrection of F Saga?
Which character got a new transformation in the Resurrection of F Saga?
Which character was killed by Frieza during the Resurrection of F Saga?
What is the name of the technique Goku used to kill Frieza in the Resurrection of F Saga?
Destructo Disk
Spirit Bomb
Final Flash

The Resurrection of F Saga in Dragon Ball

The Resurrection of ‘F' saga is a significant arc in the Dragon Ball series, specifically in . It revolves around the resurrection of one of the show's most iconic villains, Frieza. The storyline is a direct adaptation of the 2015 film, : Resurrection ‘F' and it is here where Frieza's new evolution, known as Golden Frieza, is introduced.

Main Events in the Saga

  • Frieza's minions, Sorbet and Tagoma, collect the Dragon Balls to resurrect their fallen leader.
  • Due to intensive training for the first time in his life, Frieza achieves a new form known as Golden Frieza.
  • Goku and Vegeta, training with Whis, sense Frieza's revival and rush back to Earth to confront him.
  • Earth's warriors take on Frieza's army in a heated battle.
  • Goku is critically wounded by a sneak attack from Sorbet when he drops his guard, causing Vegeta to step in and fight.
  • Frieza destroys Earth out of anger but Whis rewinds time, giving Goku another chance to defeat Frieza and save the planet.
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Key Characters

  • Goku: The main protagonist of Dragon Ball who achieves the God-like transformation, Super Saiyan Blue.
  • Frieza: The primary antagonist who is resurrected and achieves a new form, Golden Frieza.
  • Vegeta: Goku's rival who also attains the Super Saiyan Blue form.
  • Whis: The angelic being who trains Goku and Vegeta, also showcasing his unique ability to rewind time.
  • Beerus: The God of Destruction who oversees the events but does not directly involve himself in the conflict.

In conclusion, the Resurrection of F Saga is a thrilling journey that showcases intense battles, character growth, and the return of a prominent villain. It's a must-see for all Dragon Ball fans, providing both nostalgia and new developments in the franchise.

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