Home Quiz Take this Disney Quiz and prove your expertise on “Cars 2”!

Take this Disney Quiz and prove your expertise on “Cars 2”!

Take this Disney Quiz and prove your expertise on

Welcome to our Disney Quiz! Do you consider yourself an expert on ? This quiz will test your knowledge and recall of this beloved movie. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, this quiz is sure to challenge and entertain you. Are you ready to gear up and take the ultimate Cars 2 quiz?

Who is the main character in Cars 2?
Lightning McQueen
What is the name of the international racing competition in Cars 2?
Piston Cup
World Grand Prix
Speedway of the South
Le Mans
Who is the villain in Cars 2?
Miles Axlerod
Francesco Bernoulli
Finn McMissile
Chick Hicks
Who is voiced by actor in Cars 2?
Rod Torque Redline
Professor Z
Finn McMissile
What special ability does Mater have in Cars 2?
Rocket Boosters
What is Finn McMissile's occupation in Cars 2?
Racing car
Secret agent

About Disney's Cars 2

Cars 2 is an animated film produced by Animation Studios and released by . This sequel to the popular Cars film from 2006, released in 2011, takes viewers on a global adventure, transforming the lovable automobiles into international spies.

  • The film follows Lightning McQueen (voiced by ) and his tow truck friend Mater (voiced by ) as they navigate the exciting world of international racing and espionage.
  • Cars 2 introduces a variety of new characters, including British spy car Finn McMissile (voiced by ) and the stylish Holley Shiftwell (voiced by ).
  • The movie takes the Cars series to new locations around the world, like England, Italy, and Japan, offering a global perspective previously unseen in the original film.
  • Cars 2 was directed by and co-directed by , marking the first time in Pixar's history where the sequel was directed by the same person who helmed the original film.
  • The film also delves into environmental themes, with a subplot involving alternative fuel and energy efficiency.
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With its blend of humor, action, and heart, Cars 2 is a film that offers something for everyone. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newbie to the series, our quiz will test your knowledge and bring you closer to the world of Lightning McQueen, Mater, and their many vehicular friends!

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